Bump and go magnetic caterpillar

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1. Parents can play cheerful and lovely music. Fun music can greatly attract the attention of babies and stimulate their interaction.
2. Made of high-quality ABS material, musical caterpillar baby toy is durable and safe for kids to play with.
3. Playing with baby crawling toys helps your kids exercise crawling, develop your children's muscles, and improve their hand-eye coordination.
4. Designed with an adorable caterpillar appearance and bright colors, musical infant toys are beneficial to babies' visual development.
5. Baby musical toys are designed for babies and parents, all of the above features are great for babies 3 months and older to relax and play, in cribs, or outdoors.
Product Name: Electric Swing Caterpillar
Weight: 300g
Packing size: about 22*11*11cm/8.66*4.33*4.33in
Product size: about 27*22*11cm/10.63*8.66*4.33in
Material: ABS
Powered by: 2 sections of No. 5 AA power supply (need to bring your own)
Packing List:
Electric rocking caterpillar toy*1