Card Reader with Lcd Tablet

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The set contains 224 uniquely designed cards, card reader and 1 writing board. Insert the card to read and let each card sound. And children can drawing picture according to the card and sound.
Cards are educational learning toy for boys and girls aged 2-5. Colorful illustrations and funny sounds can attract your child’s attention and interest.
Flash card are made of heavy-weight card paper, with delicate and gentle surfaces. Children only need to insert the card into the card slot to learn the words they want to learn.
This wonderful educational supplies for kids to explore different possibilities, enhance their cognitive abilities and exercise their listening skills.
This early educational machine are great birthday gift for girls and boys over 1-year-old. It can keep your kids busy and reduce screen times.
Material: ABS
Size: Approx. 24×16.6cm/ 9.44×6.53in
Color: Pink, Blue
Package Includes:
1set Early Education Machine with Drawing Board