Baby Head Protection Pillow

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The baby headrest is sewn from crystal super soft fabric, filled with PP cotton inside, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, comfortable to the touch, soft and breathable, good elasticity, not easy to deform, and tear-resistant.
The anti-fall pillow specially designed for babies can reduce the impact force when the baby falls while walking, effectively protect the back of the head and back, and parents no longer have to worry about the baby walking.
Cartoon appearance: Cute in shape and bright in color, whether it is used as a protective pad or a toy, deeply loved by babies, and it is also a thoughtful gift for children.
Adjustable shoulder straps: Can be adjusted to the appropriate size according to the actual size of the baby. Suitable for babies of different sizes, let the baby wear comfortably, walk freely and crawl without restrictions.
Easy to clean: The very practical drop protection pad for baby is washable, and supports hand.