Smart update flask

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Stereo display
Intelligent high-definition three-dimensional display, the temperature of water is clearly visible through the display. It also has intelligent temperature measurement capability
Strong endurance ability and non-slip
Equipped with a large-capacity battery, the general service cycle can reach three years, and it can be used for a long without changing the battery. The bottom of the cup is non-slip, very stable
Skin-friendly feel
The thermos cup has a skin-friendly feel, is comfortable and has no sound, the 360° cup body is close to the hand, and can be gripped
Good insulation effect
Made of 6 layers of materials from the inside to the outside, heat preservation layer, heat insulation layer and so on, making the heat preservation effect even better
Good sealing
The lid and the bottle mouth are tightly sealed, with small spacing, strong sealing, and will not leak water when shaken at 360°.

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