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Material: ABS + silicone

Power supply :  batteries (not included)

Language: Chinese and English


Fine workmanship.

Easy to use.

Long service life.

A great gift for kids.

Learning and Educational Toys:This children's game mobile phone is an early education learning toy.

Babies aged 6-12 months are very curious about everything.

The colorful buttons, numbers and animal sounds of children's mobile phones help to cultivate the baby's recognition Cognitive ability and thinking ability.

In addition, this phone is also very suitable for boys and girls aged 1-3.

Multifunctional toy phone:This toddler's mobile phone contains 13 different buttons.

The clear tone depicts popular piano music, soothing sleep, crying and soothing, sterilization and immunity, baby sound effects, transportation, Super cute functions such as weather recognition, animal recognition, phone ringtones, camera sound effects, software information,mode switching, etc.

Mobile phones can always attract your baby's attention!

Perfect design:Children's music player fully complies with international infant and young children's hearing protection standards.

Even if a 9-month-old

baby is placed in his ear to make a phone call, it will not cause damage to the

child's hearing development, but the volume is clear enough 

Best 1 & 2 year old boy and girl gift;a perfect sub: for children'

mobile phones.

If your baby is curious and likes to imitate his parents, this baby toy mobile phone will definitely make your baby happy