Huanger 4in1 Walker

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Color: PINK
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Baby Sit to Stand Walker Toys: The 4 in 1 walker encourages baby's first steps. Develop your child's coordination and strength by pushing the walker forward to learn to stand and walk. Easy grip, speed adjustment and a triangular structure make your baby's steps safe.
Start with the easy-to-play entertainment panel for playing on the ground. Page turned, lever, small beads, rotated rattle, detachable basketball frame and crab shaped piano.
By throwing balls and hitting the piano, children have more fun. The child can identify scenes and animals while stimulating and developing fine motor skills and intelligence.
Designed for children: Weight gain design This walker can gain weight by filling some water, sand or other heavy objects into the water tank and hollow hind legs.
Speed Control: The tire of this sit-to-stand learning walker is covered with a non-slip rubber ring, which can increase the friction with the ground and change the acceleration ability.
And the rear wheel can