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1、Learn Letters and Colors: This set of educational toys can develop visual and reading vocabulary, spelling and fine motor skills, color classification, letter recognition, word association, architectural sight words and matching.
2、Develop Social Skills: This is a simple and fun toy that multiple children can play at once to help them develop important social skills.
3、Recognition of 26 lowercase letters, recognition of 6 snap-on puzzles, multiple color combinations of puzzles and letters, a word toy suitable for home learning.
4、Double-sided Puzzle: Double-sided puzzle matching cards, equipped with 6 picture letter matching cards for writing practice.
5、Increase Children's Interest in Learning: Learning game for preschoolers. You can identify objects based on pictures, or spell out the corresponding words with letter blocks. Color pictures increase children's interest in learning.
1. Recognition of 26 lowercase letters, recognition of snap-on puzzles, multiple