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Product Name ] : Children's Straw Cup
[ Product Material: High quality plastic
[ Product Color : Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink
[ Product size ] : 550ml 20.5 * 6.5cm
[ Product Packaging ] : Plastic bags
1. Food grade silicone straws are made with selected high-quality food grade silicone on the straws that come into closest contact with the oral cavity.
2. Thickening the bottom of the cup, adding an outer layer at the bottom to enhance protection and prevent damage to the inside of the cup.
3. The cup mouth is round and smooth, made of high-quality and highly transparent PC material, with precise and precise workmanship. The cup mouth is round and smooth.
4. This water cup is brand new, high-quality, finely crafted, paired with comfortable materials and a portable handle that can be carried anywhere anytime, making it fun and creative.
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