Mosquito Repellent Band

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  • Brand: Tortoys
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Package includes:
1 x Mosquito bracelet
* 1 Cartoon style
* 2 Material: silicone
* 3 Product size: 22 * 1.9cm
* 4 Package size: 10 * 6.2 * 4.7cm
*1 Fashionable and lightweight Soft skin-friendly
silicone strap with multiple grommets that can be
adjusted to fit the baby's wrist.
* 2 Safe, non-toxic and designed for children.
* 3 A variety of drawing designs can be selected,
Mosquito-proof, decorative. Repel mosquitoes while
giving your child fun.
* 4 Compact and portable? Children can take it with
them to playgrounds, parks, meadows for fun.
* 5 Solid blocking essence, no leak, no spill, for
durable and effective mosquito repellent.
* 1 Avoid ingesting and being allergic to fragrance.
* 2 Since this product is added with essential oils and
is not diluted, it is recommended that the user wash
their hands immediately after touch.
Package Included:
1*Mosquito repellent bracelet