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Children's Plastic Triangular Crayon Washable

Non-toxic Triangular Colouring Pencil

Erasable Crayons Toys for Kids Good Drawing


Material: wax, PE, filler, pigment

Package Includes:

1 × Triangular Crayons 12 crayons in one pack

  1. Unique painting experience: Our triangle crayons are safe, non-toxic, non-stick, shockproof, waterproof and easy to grasp. All kinds of bright and vivid colors can satisfy your little sweetheart's imagination and creative needs.
  2. Keep it clean when painting: Thanks to natural materials and special ingredients, our triangular crayons always keep your children's hands clean, so parents don't have to worry about the colorful mess that children leave in each artistic creation.
  3. Variety of bright colors: Your child will love to express his inner artist in 36 exciting colors. These unique triangle crayons are very good in color and can be easily glued to paper instead of sticking to children's hands, creating an excellent artistic experience for