Panda card reader

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Flashcard reader

This toddler English reader toy is suitable for multi-
person interaction, and parents have an additional
opportunity to learn with their kids. In addition, kids
can compete with each other and have a brainstorming
to see who is the real winner this learning game.
-Color: Yellow
-Material: Plastic

-Note: It is rechargeable usb included
- It can help improve your child observation, listening
and remember skills.
- Bring much more joy to your kids, your kids will learn
so much in the process of having fun.
- This is an excellent gift for children, and it will help
them pass the boring time.
- Its purpose is to satisfy children’s curiosity about the
world, so that children can understand the world in
advance and remember words.
- High-quality material and fine craftsmanship, sturdy
and durable for a long time.
1 x specification 1 x learning machine 110 x cards x 1 usb