Travel cosmetic organiser

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Travel cosmetic bag

Size: 23.5*10*11cm/22*11*10cm
Color: White, black, brown, red ,grey,yellow
1.This structured wash bag is a fully functional travel bag, elegant and versatile, and can take you through every trip.
2. The spacious travel wash bag is the right size to store all travel accessories or dormitory necessities.
3.This travel cosmetic bag is made of charming environmental protection leather, solid gold color zipper and quick drying hygroscopic lining, and well padded design.
4.Looking for a travel makeup bag for your loved one or your own unique gift.
5.It stores all cosmetics and skin care products in a fashionable design and is suitable for any occasion: graduation ceremony, birthday, mother's day, wedding, bridesmaid, Christmas, new year or any real occasion.